Looking to shoot stills?  We can help with lighting, the photographer and even studio space.



The basic package to suit most of your stills' lighting needs. If exactly what you want isn't here, give us a call, and we will tailor something to suit.

1 x Kinoflo Gaffers Kit (includes 2 x 4ft kinoflos plus daylight and tungsten tubes)
4 x C-Stands
4 x Diffusion Frames
1 x 4 x 4 Cutter
1 x hand held reflector
4 x sandbags
2 x 10amp cables

$300 per day


Yes we even have studio space suitable for stills and film.

Empty warehouse space
From $250 per day for the basic space. We can help with lighting and rigging too - talk to us about what you need.

Small studio (not soundproofed)
$75 per day


We have partnered with Blackboard Studio to bring you The Claudia package - a package with all your stills needs, including a professional photographer.

From $450 per day for a full days shoot including lights, accessories, studio, photographer and a final product of 25 edited stills.