We understand the struggle of tight budgets and accessibility to restrictive locations, so we've introduced the NEW Lighting Grip Combo Van package.

Packages are available for film, commercials, promo's and dramas. Custom built storage puts more in it than you would expect.

 We also offer a Lighting Grip Combo Truck for your larger projects.



Our Iveco Lighting/Grip Van neatly parked up inside on a studio shoot.


Vehicle Dimensions: Width 2m,  Length 7m.


We tailor your package specifically for your shoot. These are our suggested basic van packages but feel free to pick and choose and add any other lights to your package.


1 x K5600 Alpha 1600W

1 x Arri M18

1 x 2500W/4000W Par

1 x 1200W Par

1 x 575W Par

1 x 200W Par

KINOFLO package

2 x Kinoflo 4' x 4' (Daylight & Tungsten

1 x Diva 400


2 X 10000w (Arri T12)

2 x 5000W Fresnel

2 x 2000W Arrilite Blondes

2 x 1000W Fresnel

2 x 650W Fresnels

4 x 150W Dedos

LED package

2 x Litepanels Astra 1 x 1 Bi-Colour

1 x Litepanels Hilio D12

1 x Creamsource 1" Bi-colour battery operated

2 x Arri Skypanel S30



You can choose from the following Grip equipment. If you have another style of Dolly or rigging in mind give us a call - it will be no problem!


GFM Light Dolly

F7 Head 

Lulu Dolly (Slider Rig)

Bungee Rig

Scaff Bangi

Adjustable Camera Dropper

GF Dolly Riser

Tri-Base (Spyder Mount) 

Dolly Track

Mega Deck 6x4

Mega Deck 4 x 4

Apple Boxes

Blocks and Wedges


2 x 12 x 12 Frames

2 x 8 x 8 Frames

Selection of Cloths

Reflector Boards


Diffusion Frames

Large selection of Gels



8 X C Stands

2 x Baby C stands

12 x Combo Stands

2 x Baby Combos

1 x Spotlight Stand

1 x Single wind-up

2 x Double Wind-up

4 x Hi -Boys

12 x Grip Heads

Full selection of rigging accessories


6 X 32amp Single Phase cables

20 x 10 amp Flat Pin cables

1 x 32 amp Splitter

1 x 32 amp to 3 Phase Single Adaptor

2 x 2K Twin Fade Dimmers